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We transform logistics infrastructure at scale by creating innovative solutions and technologies that deliver a distinctly better performance: technology and infrastructure for tomorrow.

Amberg Loglay leverages logistics infrastructure design and engineering experience to help partners realize effective and sustainable solutions for cities and business of tomorrow. Fully automated logistics infrastructure can implemented in your region and supply chain in ways you never thought possible.

Investing in dedicated infrastructure for cargo and logistics is one of the most sustainable investments one can make. But only 5% of governments, ports and rail operators are aware of how flexibly automation can work in enhancing their cargo movements on infrastructure.

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  • A Complete Guide to Understand Cargo Flows

    We understand Logistics of today and tomorrow in your region and supply chain. Our market systems visualize the dynamics and characteristics of cargo flows within a defined region for today and tomorrow.

    We drive new business for infrastructure by identifying industry needs in the market and converting them into the design of innovative infrastructures. We use our visualizer model and our design tool to guide you and your stakeholders through this process.

  • Ultimate Guide for Seamless Integration

    GIS (Geographic information system) 3D Visualization of flow data has become an important part of a customer’s decision when designing any new infrastructure solution. Through visualization tools we interactively design infrastructure in ways that connect with existing infrastructure and construct an environment on a functional and profitable level.

    AMBERG LOGLAY works with best-in-class partners to incorporate technological design and engineering to create market-leading solutions.

  • Essentials Steps for Prototyping and Implementation

    Prototyping in a realistic test environment is an essential part of development process of innovative logistics infrastructures at AMBERG LOGLAY.

    We provide customers a test-gallery with professional environment to materializing concepts at an early stage. This helps determine feasibility, identify potential challenges, and optimize the design before going to construction: a professional prototyping arena that brings customers market experience and solution competence physically together.

  • Powerful Engineering & Design

    AMBERG LOLGAY leverages 50 years of engineering experience to help partners to implement sustainable solutions.

    We have worked with a range of clients to deliver innovative solutions to world-leading infrastructure design projects across the globe. These clients rely on us breadth of skills, experience and excellence in major project delivery.

  • Get to a New Level of Profitability

    Business modelling as part of the transport infrastructure design process represents a better way than existing alternatives for profitable solutions, attractive for private and public investors.

    Our Smart business modelling integrates innovations along the whole value chain integrating different businesses(Energy, Water, Data’s).

  • Win Long-Time Operations Partner

    Designing a Logistics infrastructure requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of operations and service.

    Hence, earliest possible integration of the ones that are using the infrastructure is a key factor to success. Acceptance by all relevant stakeholders is key for a sustainable operation. Not only through the design process but also during operation – we serve as a competent partner.

We at AMBERG LOGLAY form multidisciplinary teams to solve our clients’ most challenging infrastructure challenges and deliver breakthrough solutions.