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The rapid changes in customer needs and resulting logistics shifts are the challenges and opportunities together for investments into logistics infrastructure. Innovative solutions are needed to secure long-term profitability of these assets. We aspire to be the leading trusted advisor to our clients with a clear focus on Logistics Investment.

An effective portfolio needs to be based on experience: from analysis to implementation. The needs of end users, shippers, logistics service provider need to considered as well as legal, economic and political surrounding conditions.

Our proven tools deliver outstanding results and help you to leverage your investments.

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Key Rules for Investment Decisions

Our system design starts with the analysis of real goods flow data, visualized in the relevant environment. This is the basis for a profitable and integrated solution and investment opportunity that leads to a win-win-situation for all stakeholders.

Our expertise gives you the opportunity to analyse the investment situation in short time and in parallel evaluate all drivers and dependencies within all goods flowing in a specific region.

  • Identify and evaluate investment opportunities in logistics projects and locations

  • Understand Trends and Future growth potential of an Region or Industry

  • Develop profitable and sustainable solutions

  •  Implement projects fast and effective

Essential Steps for Infrastructure Investments

The AMBERG LOGLAY Approach secures the integration of the stakeholders. This leads to a maximum support and acceptance: projects and investments can be accelerated and Operated profitably. Business Standards in Logistics Infrastructures are very challenging and several aspects have to be considered.

  • Business Models have to focus on long-term and sustainable profitability; a stable cash flow has to be the basis. Inherent risks have to be analysed and minimised.

  • Innovative Business Models are a key for private capital-raising opportunities

  • Location and operation have to evaluated in-depth – Network Analysis are Key for Successful Operations

  • Logistics infrastructure has to be planned into its surrounding area – Integrated and Smart Infrastructure are vital for profitability

6 Key Elements Shaping Future of Investments

Investments into logistics facilities, streets, tunnel systems, airports or ports – you have to manage complexity from the initial idea, through planning and realisation to operation. Relevant stakeholders, be it shippers, logistics service providers, public authorities and the general public have to be involved from the beginning.

Elaboration and balancing all relevant business needs from the idea to realization is key for every Logistics Infrastructure:

Connected Infrastructure

Connected Infrastructure

Understanding of Business Needs and Cargo Flows is essential in Infrastructure Network

Integrated Logistics Infrastructure

Integrated Logistics Infrastructure

Industry Supply Chain of the Future will be connected to Public Infrastructure

Evolving The Supply Chain

Evolving The Supply Chain

System Design based on Industry Needs is a key Element of tomorrows Infrastructure

The Shift To Urbanization

The Shift To Urbanization

Increasing Urbanization urges a focus sustainability in designing and engineering

Shift to Private Investments

Shift to Private Investments

Attractive IRR’s on Infrastructure through Innovative Business Models

AMBERG LOGLAY is committed to a New Generation of Infrastructure Solutions. We continue to partner with Companies in thinking about challenges unique to Logistics and what possible solutions might look like. From analysis and design to realization and operation – We Engineer Logistics.