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Project Description

City Logistics Zurich – Elaborating Innovative Logistics Solutions

City Logistics: on the one hand, one of the most cited buzz words in the logistics world –  a long history of publications and feasibility studies with almost no practical impact and failed pilot applications – on the other hand,  one of the most discussed fields of logistics and business: it attracts enormous business, public, political and investors` interest.

“Cargo sous terrain” has a two-fold interest in a holistic, innovative city logistics: first, the goods flow coming out of the defined underground logistics systems has to be efficiently distributed and, second, the project setup and the characteristics of “Cargo sous terrain” functions as an enabler for innovative solution.

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AMBERG LOGLAY  is responsible for the system design within the “Cargo sous terrain – CityLogistcs” project including the in-depth market analysis, the design of the underlying business model and the outline of a profitable and sustainable operational mode.


The project procedure follows our Value Designed Solution Phases:

  • Market Needs and Integrated Application Design forms the basis to analyse and integrate all needs coming out of “Cargo sous terrain” as well as city specific needs.

  • Solution Design and Technology means calibrating innovative technological solutions for infrastructure and intralogistics / mechatronics. Together with best-in-class partners from our network: partner from intralogistics and mechatronics engineering, alternative driving systems especially focused on autonomous driving in freight transport and electro and hydrogen mobility as well as the key users of city logistics and key logistics service providers and shippers.

  • An optimum solution is designed taking into consideration market needs, construction and engineering necessities, sustainability and ecology plus a profitable life cycle calculation.

  • Business Modeling and Calculation focuses on identifying and putting into effect the right business model for the defined solution. Existing market players are heavily involved: the solution will include an open, multiplayer business model.

Rationale for choosing AMBERG LOGLAY 

AMBERG LOGLAY  – We identify business opportunities in complex situations, help to analyse and cut through them and develop feasible business models from that. We understand and further develop the needed technology as well as the future trends underlying them. We also invest into this development and assist in integrating additional operators and investors.