Gali Batu

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Project Description


A first for Singapore

The project is expected to facilitate the movement of goods from point to point without relying on roads, therefore potentially relieving traffic congestion.

AMBERG LOLGAY is working on the Feasibility Study for Underground Cavern Development at Gali Batu.

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Gali Batu in Singapore functions as a central crossing in a comprehensive logistics system. The aim is to move goods from A to B without relying on congested roads. As far as feasible and economically viable, goods should be transported underground.

Below ground, logistics is not competing with regular road space and therefore with buses, trucks and cars.

Amberg Loglay is responsible for the logistics concept around the Gali Batu Cavern within the overall logistics solution.

Rationale for choosing AMBERG LOGLAY

AMBERG LOGLAY – We identify business opportunities in complex situations, help to analyse and cut through them and develop feasible business models from that. We understand and further develop the needed technology as well as the future trends underlying them. We also invest into this development and assist in integrating additional operators and investors.