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The infrastructure world is changing, and so is its technology requirements. Efficiency and automation has become a priority in cities around the world, as regions seek new and cost-effective ways of responding to dynamic transport requirements.

We combine all relevant fields of technology to deliver solutions that fulfil these requirements.

Our multidisciplinary network combines the following competencies:

  • Modular Terminal and Hubs for intermodal transport

  • Automated guided vehicles for urban areas

  • Automated Logistics Infrastructure Solutions

  • Dynamic Self-Collector Boxes for Urban areas

  • Research in Urban Logistics

  • Software Solutions

We are always looking for new technologies and innovative partners – Now is your chance to be a part of it!

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We are Part of Morgenstadt – City Insights

Transport and cities are co-dependent, mutually influencing each other in often complex and dynamic ways. Because of this co-dependency, it is more apparent today than ever that carefully integrated and coordinated transport & logistics and urban development is essential to ensuring a sustainable future – not only in an environmental sense, but socially and economically as well.

We shares our expertise and shape the future of Logistics & Transport infrastructure as part of the project.


Through our AMBERG LOGLAY Technology Partnerships, we can offer more complete, customer-focused solutions to our clients. When each of our partner focuses on our own core competencies and innovation, we deliver the best possible solutions for very specific customer needs, while collectively enhancing our logistics infrastructure portfolio offerings.

Our solutions tend toward open operations and guarantee acceptance trough many industries. This offers broad integration and adoption of the solutions we develop. In addition, by developing products to be interoperable, we help protect our customers’ existing infrastructure investments and help them speed their realisation and integration.