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In today’s competitive global arena, integrating efficient logistics infrastructure is critical to many businesses and regions. Efforts to increase productivity and growth are key in almost every context.

As a leader in logistics infrastructure design, AMBERG LOGLAY has been helping different stakeholders for a variety of infrastructure solutions to think logistics 3Dimensionally.

With our diverse logistics and engineering experience we design interfaces to combine all dimensions in Logistics.

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Leverage your Potential

How to create smart solutions by thinking 3Dimensionals – Above ground – Underground – Air



Engage Industry

Engage Industries into Logistics Infrastructure development and identify relevant dimension and volumes of transportation today and tomorrow


Performance Increase

Increasing Logistics performance of network in Urban areas through smart Logistics grids


Enhance Logistics Network

Enhance Logistics network efficiency by connecting and integrating supply chain of business into existing infrastructure – smart combination of all 3Dimensions


Optimise investments

Optimise investments as well as spendings and identify where to allocate resources on your next Logistics project – our financial model delivers transparency


Think wider context

Think Logistics in a wider context – Everything that flows – Water, Energy, and Data’s – is Logistics. Increase profits by integrating these business opportunities


Sustainability in Logistics

Sustainability has been viewed as a cost to a business – with our solutions sustainability drives efficiency

City logistics solutions often focus on reducing the negative impacts of urban freight transport, rather than on developing a more efficient urban freight transport system. The idea of innovative vehicle solutions is to use the most suitable vehicle in the city as well as outside the city. The solution requires automated logistics infrastructure with vehicles open for different industry standards and transshipment operations.

Urban Logistics Solutions frequently do not have long-term potential due to the lack of sustainable profitability.

To make a solution really work in practice, a viable business model is required. The relevant business aspects that need to be considered when scaling up logistics solutions are part of the AMBERG LOGLAY framework. The projects clearly show improvements on operational efficiency, flexibility and environmental impact.

Rethink your Logistics Hotspots.

  • City logistics solutions for the transport of goods from and to consolidating areas and creating innovative and adaptive solutions. We do not think last miles – rather last meters.

  • Smart combination of all dimension – above ground, underground and air space for cargo – in the interplay with existing transport networks

  • In-and Outbound Transportation from and into Ports & Hubs or dense areas

  • Industry Areas that play an important role in a regions economy

  • Connecting Airport and strengthen regions economy

Get started and challenge today’s solution.

We analyse thoroughly cargo movements in relevant regions and map todays and tomorrow’s cargo flows on the existing network. Our tools are key enablers in understanding industries supply chain.

We Understand

  • Cargo movements in the relevant regions

  • Industry that drives the cargo volume today and in the near future

  • Relevant load carriers and underlying supply chain standards

  • Specific requirements of goods moved like regulation, temperature and handling

  • Relevant Key Performance Indicators for benchmarking

Your Benefits

  • The analysis pictures the relevant stakeholders and geographical dimensions of the relevant flows

  • Out of the market map we are able to identify area points with highest volumes

  • This makes us aware of interactions in-between spots and areas

  • The existing infrastructure is laid out and we no the important connections need to be

  • The relevant stakeholder groups are identified and can start analyzing the supply chain more in detail

We develop industry-leading, turnkey solutions that facilitate our design process and allow us to deliver breakthrough results.

We Understand

  • Industries Service Level Agreements and Performance criteria’s to deliver competitive solutions

  • All relevant stakeholder groups and their requirements will be integrated for further design solutions, steps and interactions

  • Industry specific technical interfaces and occurring redundancies to leverage logistical potential

Your Benefits

  • Clear understanding of performance criteria within the supply chain and the environment compared to above infrastructure

  • Identification of additional Logistics volume to make infrastructure more efficient and therefore more attractive (because of the higher underground costs)

  • First ideas for further business potential and therefore relevant aspects in solution design

We transform transport & logistics infrastructure at scale by creating innovative solutions that deliver a distinctly better performance.

We Understand

  • World leading technologies in all relevant fields to design tailor-made solutions

  • Relevant competencies to complement the team for each specific network characteristics

  • State of the art infrastructure and Logistics solutions around the globe and their underlying principles

Your Benefits

  • Visualization of cargo flows in existing and future networks

  • Seamless integration into existing environment by connecting industries and hot-spots

  • Sustainable and optimized life cycle costs

  • Higher attractiveness for operators

  • The relevant stakeholder groups are identified and can start analyzing the supply chain more in detail

Creating Infrastructure solutions that are attractive and sustainable Investments are key for each industry.

We Understand

  • Needs of end users, shippers, logistics and service providers to integrate relevant stakeholder groups

  • Based on our expertise we are able to identify relevant drivers and dependencies

Your Benefits

  • Identification and evaluation of investments opportunities in logistics projects and locations

  • Development of profitable and sustainable solutions

  • Fast and efficient implementation of projects into existing environment

We drive new business model for infrastructure by identifying industry needs in the market and converting them into the design of innovative infrastructures

We Understand

  • Based on all analysis business opportunities will be identified in a structured way

  • Along the future supply chain , business opportunities are transformed into technical requirements for the system design

  • Business opportunities and the detailed specifications will be evaluated on expense-income ratios

Your Benefits

  • Through the process new business can be identified – Underground infrastructure needs different business models because of higher initial costs in comparison with above ground solutions

  • The result will be a profitable and sustainable business case

  • Investment concepts for the dedicated case for further fundraising

We form multidisciplinary teams to solve our clients’ toughest infrastructure challenges and deliver breakthrough solutions.

We Understand

  • Based on the previous phases a proper outline of the ecological balance is possible – all trigger points can be identified

  • The system design will be consequently optimized on life cycle aspects

  • Through to the supply chain analysis also ecological aspects can be optimized for example through smart city solutions

Your Benefits

  • Clear understanding of ecological drivers and triggers for further business models

  • Optimized solution also from operational standpoints, which increases attractiveness for all different kind of investors

Not all Infrastructure Solutions are Equal

Innovative logistics infrastructure solutions, dedicated for cargo, require much more than simply adding a new infrastructure. You need an integrator who can ensure that your entire infrastructure network gets connected and integrated. AMBERG LOGLAY believes in partnering to ensure optimization of all elements, not just one component – We Engineer Logistics.