Logistics Infrastructure of next decades needs to meet ambitious today`s and future demands.

AMBERG LOGLAY combines modern analytics, design, planning and technology competencies to develop and implement breakthrough solutions. As an internationally oriented company, we are working on challenging projects – worldwide.

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Traditional logistics systems have reached their limits

Transport capacities in most cities, terminals & hubs have failed to keep pace with increases in traffic flows and the resulting congestion. Hence, limits to further increasing mobility are threatening economic growth.  Logistics infrastructure is vital to the local economy and well being of cities, innovative solutions are evidently needed. AMBERG LOGLAY thinks beyond traditional approaches and develops smart logistics solutions – We Engineer Logistics.

Understanding the logistics challenge means leaving traditional path

The world of logistics is changing rapidly. Together with best-in-class expertise partners we develop and implement cutting-edge technology that help to transport goods faster, at lower cost, environmentally sound and safe. Our integrated logistics concepts encompass all kinds of means of traffic: below and above ground, waterborne and in the air.

We also cooperate with industry and various leading academic institutes, for example ETH Zurich, the University of Zurich and the Fraunhofer institute. The latter one being one of the leading universities for logistics and transportation. This gives us access to the latest developments and research results.


Think in New Dimensions

We strive for excellence in logistics productivity. We provide smart solutions for Transport & Logistics Infrastructure for cities, shippers, industry and logistics service providers.

Our multidisciplinary network of  best-in-class expertise partners allows us to deliver the best possible solution to  our clients`projects: from idea to implementation and operation.



Flexible and Modular Solutions

Our solutions are based on a thorough understanding of the complexities of every specific project. We cut through this complexity and strive for a maximum in flexibility and modularized implementation.

This approach enables our customers to design the perfect solution while allowing a flexible step-by-step implementation.



Significant milestone reached towards full project realisation

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