Coordination of different types of materials is a challenging task. Our logistics application, that sits as a layer above our Logistics Insights Platform, bundles all information. Our application makes it easy to integrate all stakeholders regardless of the technology they use.


Smooth construction

Choose how to improve your process and discover the world of smooth construction

Material Management

Packaging and Movement of Materials especially building materials in controlled and efficient ways, organize the delivery schedules, zone management and material storage.

Space Management

Match the right space to the relevant function within the construction process, operate it, monitor it and improve performance.

Mobility Management

Monitor equipment and elevators and in parallel use the narrow spaces and tools on site within a shared model. For an efficient shipment process we offer an equipment booking system.

Lean Management

We have know-how in just-in-time management, lean management, process design, and the sustainable implementation between architecture, planning, construction management and on-site workforce.

Waste Management

Finish the material management cycle by recycling waste and returning unused materials without even noticing it was there.


Reduction of traffic on site as well as to and from the site. 
Place your site into the broader context of the smart city and link it to smart material flows.

Operate the vision of clean and safe construction sites in harmony

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