In today’s competitive global arena, integrating efficient logistics infrastructure is critical to many businesses and regions. Efforts to increase productivity and growth are key in almost every context and drive social and economic development.

Using a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and agile approach, smart logistics will be integrated into your existing supply chain. Not only understanding all of the stakeholders but turning them into active contributors to build implementable and efficient infrastructure solutions into physical surroundings.


Monitor your operations through the digital lens.

A pair of human eyes can capture infinite information which than stays in the head of the beholder. Find out how digital monitoring and IoT can transfer this information 

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With our Logistics Operation & Management Solution, you have an overview of your processes at all times and can quickly take the necessary decisions. Thanks to the consistently digitized processes, you can concentrate on the essentials.

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Easy online booking for shipments

Flexible slot system

Booking of equipment

Real time traffic analysis

Visualisation of incoming traffic

Incorporating site layouts and routes

Zone Management

On time delivery request system

Redirect or Postpone Shipments

Smart Communication

Lean Management Integration

Integration of GIS, Real Time, Weather etc.


Construction Management Logistics (CLM).

The application guarantees a seamless process-controlled logistics on construction sites and offers transparency to each stakeholder of material flows on site. Everything that is related to logistics and construction sites can be paired with our tool.

The application is built modular, customizable and adapts to the construction site. 


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Logistics Insights Management (LIM).

Advanced Analytics, in-depth knowledge and our self-developed modular software applications enable all industries to handle challenges in logistics. It forms the foundation for all project stages: planning, realization and operation. We optimize and operate processes on facts and data. Economic and ecologic targets can be reached by reducing traffic and optimizing material flows.

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